Resilient Ground Transportation program

Canada's ground transportation network is essential in supporting the social and economic well-being of all Canadians. With our harsh climatic conditions, safe, secure and efficient transportation is critical in bringing people together to overcome vast distances and geographical barriers. It is also critical to delivering raw materials and finished Canadian goods to domestic and international markets safely, securely and efficiently.

The Resilient Ground Transportation program aims to contribute to a more efficient, safe and connected Canadian transportation system with a focus on weather-related challenges by conducting research, development, testing and evaluation projects that deliver high impact to the Canadian freight and passenger rail, road and off-road ground transportation sectors.


Seamless all-season ground transportation

Research areas

Our activities are focused mainly on 4 critical research areas:

  • Advanced ground vehicle technologies – Contributes to the transformation of the Canadian transportation ecosystem by developing more productive and safe ground vehicle technologies through targeted applied research, technology implementation, as well as OEM and SME collaboration.
  • Rail for goods transportation – Improves the operational performance and safety of the Canadian freight rail industry, expedites products to market and supports the growth of the Canadian economy by enhancing railcar design, train operations and rail maintenance planning through technology development and evaluation.
  • Rail for passenger transportation – Supports the Canadian passenger rail industry to increase ridership by providing a more pleasant and satisfactory experience, and to make rail travel the preferred mode for short and medium distances through innovation and technology development and demonstration.
  • Transportation enabling technologies – Supports the development, evaluation and adoption of new technologies to ensure safe deployment of connected autonomous vehicles in Canada and facilitates the modernization of the railway safety standards.

Collaborate with us

Building on more than 60 years of experience in the field of ground transportation, the NRC can become an extension of your team to contribute to the development, optimization and evaluation of technology solutions that are aimed at improving rail, road and off-road transportation efficiency, safety and connectivity.

NRC expertise includes both lab and field research, testing and pre certification capabilities, as well as facilities and expertise for full scale prototyping and production scale-up.

Collaborator benefits

The NRC can serve as an integrated R&D extension to your organization or business, connect you with a network of collaborators across the supply chain and help you certify your products, enabling you to join this rapidly growing market. By working with the NRC, you will:

  • accelerate your product and technology development and validation
  • become a leader of a rapidly growing supply chain
  • minimize your risks associated with the development, adoption and commercialization of new technologies
  • gain access to our cross‑functional teams of experienced scientists and engineers as well as to our unique and specialized facilities
  • benefit from our unbiased advice and expert consulting services.

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Contact us

If you are looking to access unique expertise in seamless all-season ground transportation and unique research facilities, please contact:

Albert Wahba, Program Leader
LinkedIn: Albert Wahba

Jason Pierosara, Business Development Officer – Rail transportation
Cell: 613-808-7082

Tony Jenkins, Business Development Officer – Road and off-road transportation
Cell: 613-894-3049

Targeted industries

Operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, regulators, municipalities, associations, academia

Research facilities