Quantum Photonic Sensing and Security program

Quantum photonics is an emerging technology that will underpin broad new advances in telecommunications and optical sensing. Shorter, more intense light pulses and quantum control over light-matter interactions enable new classes of measurement and communications solutions not possible with 'conventional' photonics technology.

Canada has both a strong photonics industry and world-leading quantum photonics science. Working with clients, the NRC's Quantum Photonic Sensing and Security (QPSS) program will help translate this scientific leadership into technology development and prototypes in select high-impact applications of cyber-security, natural resources sensing and security sensing.

The NRC is the largest Canadian research and technology organization with the ability and infrastructure to deploy teams of highly qualified scientists and engineers with high-level security clearance and advanced capabilities in photonics.


Collaboration opportunities

The NRC's Quantum Photonic Sensing and Security program focusses on 2 specific application areas:

  • Quantum cyber security for ultra-secure IT data and networks
  • Advanced optical sensing for natural resources extraction and processing, and defence and security sensing

NRC is seeking collaborators to share the risk and reward of this disruptive low technology-readiness-level (TRL) (primarily TRL 2 to 5) initiative.

Opportunities exist for:

  • small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in photonics, who are interested in participating in networks and consortia to identify industry's common needs in quantum photonics and understand technology foresight
  • defence and security companies, who will benefit from access to cutting-edge research within NRC to become early adopters of quantum photonics technology
  • information and communications technologies companies, who are interested in solving complex technological issues and share risks to develop new applications for quantum photonics technology
  • governments and financial institutions, who are interested in keeping communities secure with quantum key generation and quantum secure networks
  • natural resource extracting and refining companies, who are interested in developing field-deployable chemical-specific sensors in the natural resource sector to enhance efficiency, yield and product quality
  • canadian academic researchers, especially quantum information theorists and experimentalists keen on building technology from their ideas


Collaborator benefits

The NRC's QPSS initiative provides the Canadian community with access to world-leading quantum photonics technology development capability. Our goal is global leadership by Canadian industry in this emerging technology field. NRC offers customized research collaboration and technical service options with assured confidentiality and data integrity.

Industrial collaborators will access world-class NRC quantum photonics research and technology development infrastructure and unique expertise to:

  • address immediate problems via NRC technical services
  • accelerate time to market
  • enable entry into markets that would otherwise be inaccessible
  • gain valuable technical and market knowledge
  • access an international network of suppliers and buyers in quantum technology
  • access an international network of R&D partners

Academic collaborators will:

  • connect to Canada's critical mass effort in quantum technology development
  • see joint research built into new technology demonstrations

Government collaborators will:

  • share risk in technology development for critical public missions
  • access early prototypes of ultra-secure IT systems and advanced chemical sensing systems
Technical and advisory services

We will provide key technical services and expertise to clients on a one-on-one basis or as part of a multi-party collaboration. We provide guidance and assistance in proven approaches for technology development and validation. Our multi-disciplinary technical capabilities include:

  • all types of atomic and molecular spectroscopy
  • advanced nonlinear microscopy
  • advanced optical fibre based measurement, including the patented femtosecond-laser-written fibre Bragg grating technology for extreme environments
  • ultra fast laser system design, including femto second and attosecond sources and measurement systems
Research facilities

Clients have access to an extensive range of facilities, instrumentation and equipment. Our facilities include:

Contact us

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Roderick Paterson, Director, Business Development
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Targeted industries

Photonics, Defence and security, Information and Communications Technologies, Natural resources, Energy, Environment