Project for testing ice loads on offshore platforms


Status: Active

The NRC is testing and analyzing the performance of different designs of offshore oil platforms in various ice conditions.


  • Evaluate the ice loads, ice pressure and ice accumulation on different gravity-based structure designs to identify which design would work best for offshore oil platforms in harsh Arctic conditions


  • Provide a detailed analysis of the performance of different structure designs in various Arctic conditions


  • Design and perform numerical simulations on 4 different structure designs of gravity-based structures
  • Analyze structures with 2 and 3-dimensional simulations using the NRC's Particle-In-Cell numerical code
  • Test each structure's design in 3 different pack ice and level ice conditions
  • Outline the advantages and disadvantages of each structure design as it would operate in ice-covered water



  • The analysis provided pros and cons for each design in terms of operation in ice-covered water. The information will help identify the design that works best for an offshore oil platform located in harsh Arctic conditions.
  • The next step in the project will be for the NRC to prepare a risk analysis of the various designs.

Project team


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Anne Barker
Arctic Program Leader
Telephone: 613-990-2511