Project for refining the Iceberg Drift Model

Status: Active

Collaborating with clients and partners, the NRC is developing and enhancing technology to more accurately forecast the drift path of icebergs and improve safety in Arctic waters.


  • Continue to refine iceberg drift forecasting, which is essential for safe shipping and offshore drilling operations


  • Develop and enhance the Iceberg Drift Model as a reliable method of forecasting the drift paths of icebergs


  • Enhance the Iceberg Drift Model by:
    • ensuring the model continues to incorporate the comprehensive physics of iceberg motion, deterioration and calving
    • using a robust numerical method and the latest generation of ocean current forecast products
    • enhancing the model's usefulness in a range of Arctic conditions by studying the drift of icebergs in pack ice
  • Collaborate and share the Iceberg Drift Model with our Canadian government partner, the Canadian Ice Service of Environment and Climate Change Canada, and four international agencies that issue iceberg forecasts: the United States (International Ice Patrol), Norway, Denmark and Argentina
  • Through this international community, coordinate efforts to use and improve the Iceberg Drift Model to support safe navigation and offshore operations in all waters where icebergs are a concern
  • Lead one of the international community's first actions, with funding from the Government of Canada's Program of Energy Research and Development (PERD), to modernize the Iceberg Drift Model to:
    • facilitate international collaboration
    • use web services to quickly access a variety of weather forecast products required by the model



  • The international use of a modernized Iceberg Drift Model will help improve the safety of shipping and offshore drilling operations in Arctic waters.

Project Team

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Ivana Kubat
Director, Research and Development
Telephone: 613-993-7695