Project for mitigating permafrost degradation


Status: Active

Igor Egorov

NRC Research Officer, Igor Egorov, showing a new technological device – a liquid-filled freezing system to stabilize permafrost degradation in saturated peat within a seismic line in the Northwest Territories.

NRC researchers have designed and are testing a freezing system to reduce permafrost degradation in the Arctic.


  • Design a system that effectively reduces permafrost degradation through inter-seasonal low temperatures redistribution


  • An effective cooling device to reduce permafrost degradation by removing heat during summer months and accumulating cold during winter months


  • Conduct field tests on an NRC-designed cooling method that uses a liquid-filled freezing system with a snow-deflecting cone to stabilize permafrost degradation in saturated peat in Arctic climates



  • This method will provide direct and reliable cooling effects that stabilize ice rich soils, moderate surface settling and cool down advective heat transfer through active layer by groundwater
  • By removing heat in summer and accumulating cold in winter, this project will help sustain frozen ground temperatures within a specific area and distribute low ground temperatures along highway embankments, building foundations or other critical localized areas, mitigating the degradation of permafrost and its impacts on infrastructure

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