PolyCSAM cold spray additive manufacturing industrialization facility project

Status: Active


The NRC and Polycontrols are partnering to build a new collaborative hub to spur innovation and aid the cold spray additive manufacturing (CSAM) industry in increasing efficiency, productivity and time-to-market.

  • Construction to start in August 2019
  • Opening of new facility planned for February 2020


  • Address critical manufacturing steps to help industries in their transition to ultramodern high-rate advanced manufacturing (AM) technologies with reduced business risk and accelerated market reach, while strengthening Canada's industrial leadership.


  • Implement breakthrough hybrid additive and subtractive manufacturing technology for coatings and 3-D parts ranging from intricate metal shapes to large transportation components, especially in the automotive, surface transportation and aerospace industries.


PolyCSAM will help drive technology and application development through the NRC's research centres and programs to support prototype manufacturing in the domains of cold spray additive hybrid manufacturing, robotics, SMART tooling, data analytics and machine learning (artificial intelligence - AI), to: 

  • advance the application of the NRC's cold spray additive manufacturing, robotics and machining technology in industrial-scale manufacturing to help in integrating Industry 4.0 concepts
  • demonstrate Polycontrols' capabilities as a large-scale manufacturing equipment integrator
  • create a collaborating network of industrial partners to build a strong Canadian supply and value chain
  • strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Canada by raising digital maturity and by enabling, de-risking and reducing time-to-market for industrial solutions
  • allow the NRC and Polycontrols to collaborate in creating a custom equipment platform, serving as a global attractor to both organizations


  • CSAM industrial R&D group
  • Small, mediumand large enterprises
  • Other government agencies
  • Universities and academic institutes
  • Financial partners


PolyCSAM will offer the industry and the Canadian advanced manufacturing ecosystem the means to become more agile and competitive on the international scene.

This collaboration in the creation of a state-of-the-art custom equipment platform providing turn-key additive manufacturing solutions will aid to de-risk capital investment and technology transfer for Canadian partners through:

  • prototyping, fabrication and repair
  • volume production and business case demonstration
  • repeatability and reproducibility demonstration
  • pre-production and production back-up services
  • process and product quality control strategy demonstration
  • confidential solution development with fast turnaround

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Jörg Oberste Berghaus
PolyCSAM Leader
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Luc Pouliot
PolyCSAM Leader
PolyControls Technologies Inc.
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