NRC capabilities in health

Around the world, governments, healthcare providers, insurers and patients are facing the challenge of balancing an increasing healthcare services demand with rapidly rising costs leading to a booming innovation market.

Key technologies behind health innovation

Key technologies behind health innovation
Long description of the honeycomb graph showing key technologies behind health innovation.

The technologies are:

  • dvanced manufacturing
  • implantable devices
  • precision diagnostics
  • photo of medical team operating
  • digital and mobile health
  • smart materials
  • precision medicine
  • photo of a medical device

The NRC is positioned to support health innovation through its diverse expertise, ability to establish collaboration with industry and academia, and long term holistic approach.

Biologics development

Biologics development
  • Target selection and validation
  • Candidate design and optimization
  • Preclinical development
  • Advanced analytics
  • Biomanufacturing


  • Cancer immunotherapy (targets and cell therapy solutions)
  • Emerging infections (models and solutions) of public health concern
  • Technology platforms, novel adjuvants, viral vectors and immunomodulatory products
  • Co-development federal vaccine Research Innovation Development Action Plan

Therapeutics beyond blood brain barriers

Therapeutics beyond blood brain barriers
  • Therapeutics for brain and neurodegenerative diseases
  • Technologies for brain delivery of therapeutics
  • Translational models for de-risking central nervous system therapeutic discovery and development
  • Target and biomarker discovery

Natural health products

Natural health products
  • Next-generation, intelligent, personalized, nutrient-dense food
  • Natural product and functional ingredient development
  • Process optimization
  • Biology and chemistry support services for ingredient development

Bioanalytical microdevices

Bioanalytical microdevices
  • Molecular diagnostic platforms
  • Wearables bioanalytical devices
  • Tools for precision medicine
  • Chip-based ex vivo models for drug discovery and personalized care

Medical imaging

Medical imaging
  • Design optimization software and expertise
  • Organ- and patient-specific Magnetic Resonance Imaging arrays
  • Software development for quantitative imaging
  • Innovative technologies for portable Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems

Implantable biomaterials

Implantable biomaterials
  • Development of materials (metallic, polymer, ceramic, and their composites)
  • Modeling and design of implants
  • Support device manufacturing and testing

Digital health and simulation

Digital health and simulation
  • Interactive platforms for simulation training of healthcare practitioners
  • Cognitive virtual reality / augmented reality software and wearables platforms for assessing and remediating cognitive dysfunction
  • Cloud platforms for patient data analysis and management
  • Patient-specific design

Implantable biomaterials - innovative products

Implantable biomaterials - innovative products
  • Novel material for implantable devices
  • Process engineering from proof of concept to final product
  • Laboratory and production equipment
  • Advanced analytics and characterization

Medical device – innovative microanalytical products

Medical device – innovative microanalytical products
  • Microfluidics and biosensors
  • Instrument prototyping development
  • Lab-on-a-chip design, prototyping, and manufacturing process development


  • Nanoelectronics
  • Nanosensing
  • Smart materials and nanocomposites
  • Self-assembled nanostructures
  • Nanoimprint
  • Nanoplasmonic
  • Nanocoating


  • Industrial process development for upstream and downstream optimization
  • State-of-the-art equipment inline with industry standards
  • De-risked tech transfer to industrial partners
  • Product purification and characterization
  • Process development for containment level 2 and containment level 3 microbial fermentation

Computational biology

Computational biology
  • Deep learning in biology
  • Cell modelling
  • Algorithm development for 'omic' analysis
  • Drug target and biomarker discovery

Public health analytics

Public health analytics
  • Text analytics for biomedical records
  • Patient record analytics
  • Monitoring public health threats through analysis of media articles

Image analytics

Image analytics
  • Advanced data visualization
  • Human shape and activity measurement and analysis
  • Graphics processing unit for information-intensive analysis

NRC collaboration platform locations

Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Medical imaging

Mississauga, Ontario

  • NEW (Canadian campus for advanced materials manufacturing)
  • Advanced materials for digital manufacturing, printed electronics, smart objects, devices, sensors, etc.

Ottawa, Ontario

  • Biologics, vaccine R&D
  • Health IT
  • Materials characterisation and testing

Boucherville, Quebec

  • Medical devices
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Advanced materials and manufacturing

Montréal—Royalmount, Quebec

  • Biologics, R&D
  • Biomanufacturing pilot plant
  • Advanced biologics analytics

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

  • Natural product and functional ingredient development
  • In vitro and in vivo bioassays

Halifax/Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia

  • Nutritional biotechnologies
  • Algal functional ingredients including oil and protein
  • Lipid analysis and characterisation
  • Natural products chemistry

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