Marine Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources program


The health and prosperity of many Canadian communities and industries is intimately linked to our extensive inland and coastal waters as a source of energy, a means of transportation, a resource for human consumption and recreation and as a key input to many businesses. Within this context, the Marine Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources (MIEWR) program leverages and expands NRC's strengths in engineering, hydrodynamics, physical modelling, numerical simulation and technology development to serve the distinct needs of marine industry and government stakeholders.

The MIEWR program works closely with its clients and partners to deliver specialized research and technology development services that drive innovation in water resource management, marine infrastructure engineering and renewable energy. The program further works to develop and implement new tools for predicting and managing water availability, quality and flooding and to optimize and validate marine infrastructure designs while accelerating the commercialization of technologies to extract energy from waves and currents in rivers, lakes and oceans.


Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us on strategic research projects to help de-risk your innovative ideas, reduce your start-up costs and accelerate your commercial development timelines.

Collaboration opportunities

We are actively seeking partners and collaborators to help develop and demonstrate innovative and practical technical solutions that respond to tough challenges emerging at the dynamic interface between society and water. Potential partners include:

  • Industry and public sector organizations interested in optimizing and future-proofing investments in marine infrastructure of all kinds
  • Companies and public sector organizations looking to improve the technical and commercial performance of their marine renewable energy (MRE) technologies and projects
  • Hydropower, engineering and insurance industries as well as government organizations looking to leverage state-of-the-art numerical tools and decision support systems to enhance the productive use, stewardship and management of water resources

NRC's MIEWR initiative works with its partners to bring to market new technologies and services that enable Canadian companies and governments to predict and manage water resources more efficiently and productively, fully optimize and de-risk investments in marine infrastructure and accelerates the commercialization of marine renewable energy technologies. The initiative will help equip Canadian companies and governments with the advanced knowledge and technologies they need to fulfill their missions more effectively and succeed in the competitive global marketplace.

Collaborator benefits

In the water resources sector, we are working on new technologies to simulate watersheds and forecast water flows and quality with greater precision and reliability. NRC clients in the hydropower sector leverage these developments to help optimize dam operations to maximize revenues without increasing flood risk. The public sector and the insurance industry leverage these developments to improve their assessments of flood risk and help develop measures to reduce flood risk, improve emergency planning and response and reduce the devastating impact and high cost of flooding. Water resource managers leverage NRC technologies to help them make better evidence-based decisions becoming better water stewards.

In the marine infrastructure sector we provide advanced physical and numerical modelling services to investigate complex hydrodynamic processes and test, improve and verify the design of new infrastructure (ports and harbours, waterways, offshore oil and gas facilities, waterfront developments, coastal erosion and flood protection systems) while also working on the renewal of deficient structures. Our studies lead to design solutions that are optimized to improve site-specific conditions, extend service life and minimize risk and full lifecycle costs, including capital, maintenance, social and environmental costs. Our clients leverage these services to ensure safety and sustainability, improve performance and maximize the value of their investments in marine infrastructure.

In the marine renewable energy sector we apply our strengths in numerical simulation and physical modelling to help assess and improve the technical performance and lower the cost of new technologies developed to extract energy from waves and water flows in rivers and oceans. We also work to identify and characterize marine renewable energy resources and support the development of international standards for the sector. Access to NRC's world-class research capability gives our partners a competitive advantage in the expanding global market for innovative products and services.

Working with NRC, our partners receive the following benefits:

  • Access to experts in physical and numerical modelling, supported by state-of-the-art software and world-class experimental facilities
  • Access to unique expertise, combined with competitive rates and measures that ensure data integrity and confidentiality
  • Customized solutions that address specific needs
  • Access to established and strong relationships with key industry partners
Technical and advisory services

We provide technical services and expertise to partners on a one-on-one basis or as part of multi-party collaborations, assisting and guiding clients and partners in proven approaches for the development and qualification of new technologies. Our multi-disciplinary array of technical capabilities includes:

  • Numerical modelling and model development
  • Custom decision support systems
  • Custom data integration systems
  • Physical modelling and scale model testing
  • Design optimization and verification
  • Metocean conditions/environmental loads
  • Flow, wave and turbulence modelling
  • Environment impact assessment
  • Sediment and pollutant transport/fate
  • Water quality and water stewardship
Research facilities

NRC is home to state-of-the-art modeling and testing facilities that allow us to offer technical services to support activities in various marine and water-based sectors.

Partners and clients have access to an extensive range of testing facilities, instrumentation and equipment. One cornerstone of the MIEWR initiative is our ability to reproduce river, coastal and ocean hydrodynamics at reduced scale in our world-class laboratory facilities located in Ottawa and St. John's. These two NRC labs feature the following assets:

Contact us

If you're interested in partnering with NRC to collaborate on applied research and technology development advancing marine infrastructure, marine renewable energy or water resource engineering and management, please contact:

Ivana Kubat, Director, Research and Development
Telephone: 613-993-7695

Targeted industries

Marine infrastructure development, water resource engineering and management, marine renewable energy, offshore oil and gas, hydropower, ports and harbours, municipal, provincial and federal governments.