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Marine Biotechnology program

In support of the Canadian biomarine sector, the NRC works with industry to sustainably develop marine bioproducts used in the food, human health, and personal care sectors. Through the development of sustainable technologies that provide both environmental and economic benefits, the NRC helps monitor the health of our oceans to better understand how to use this critical resource.

Collaborate with us

The NRC focusses on 3 areas of marine biotechnology research that make it an ideal partner for research and commercial applications.

Algal technologies
  • Bioprospecting of new phytoplankton species to identify commercial opportunities for the production of marine-sourced bioproducts
  • Development of phytoplankton bio-sensors to monitor ocean health in response to direct industrial impacts and climate change
  • Green cell factories: metabolic engineering of algal strains for the sustainable production of high-value natural products
  • National collection of algal strains from across Canada
Value-added marine bio-products and related technology
  • Bioprospecting of marine bio-resources, including feedstocks from industrial operations, for value-added products
  • Bioprocessing and biomass transformation
Environmental sustainability
  • Working with partners in ocean health and nutrition with a focus on sustainable economic value

Contact us

Stephen O'Leary, Team Lead, Algal Genomics/Synthetic Biology
Telephone: 902-426-9259

Fabrice Berrue, Team Lead, Natural Products Chemistry
Telephone: 902-426-0636

Targeted industries

  • Industries that impact coastal and marine environments
  • Marine biotech industry
  • Marine extractive industries
  • Natural health products and functional bioactives

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