Internship funding available to help community and industry associations solve common logistics and supply chain challenges

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC)'s Artificial Intelligence for Logistics program is interested in working with community and industry associations to build research and development collaborations focused on common logistics and/or supply chain challenges faced by their members.

This initiative is intended to focus technical data-driven research efforts on high-priority supply chain and related logistics problems impacting businesses and communities in Canada. Qualifying collaborations will include a host not-for-profit association, a university and at least one NRC researcher.

The NRC has partnered with Mitacs to provide support for up to 75% of salary costs for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows while they are actively engaged in an approved project hosted by an eligible association. The associations are expected to pay the remaining 25% of the salary. In most cases, associations are free to recover those funds from other sources, if desired.

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Associations are encouraged to identify supply chain challenges shared by a large fraction of their members and to identify research topic(s) and related data that they feel would help to address these challenges.

Associations should propose only one challenge to address at a time. However, they are encouraged to suggest at least 2 research projects, each addressing a different crucial aspect of that challenge. Associations should explain how the results of the 2 (or more) projects are expected to provide useful results individually, while also working together to help overcome the challenge.

Please contact the AI for Logistics Program Leader, Margaret McKay, for more information about requirements and next steps.