Getting involved with the Materials for Clean Fuels Challenge program

The selection approach for the Materials for Clean Fuel Challenge program goes through a 3-gate process.

The first gate was determination by the program director on whether a proposed project fit within the eligibility criteria:

  • Is the proponent an academic researcher or a small- or medium‑sized enterprise (SME)?
  • Is the project related to materials for carbon dioxide conversion, hydrogen production, or AI‑accelerated materials discovery?

The second gate is a ranking and review by our external advisory committee. The advisory committee is made up of external senior leaders that represent the Materials for Clean Fuels Challenge program's major stakeholders and rank the projects based on the following criteria:

  • Significance of outcomes
  • Research excellence
  • Calibre of team
  • Pathway to impact

The final gate is due diligence and approval by the National Program Office. For any grant or contribution, the collaborator must submit a proposal directly to the National Program Office.

For this round of projects, the program focussed on attracting high-calibre partners to work with the NRC in order to accelerate capability development in the program thrust areas.

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