Building Regulations for Market Access program


As the Canadian building construction market grows, builders face increasing technical and innovation challenges that lead to increased construction costs and shrinking profit margins. The Building Regulations for Market Access (BRMA) program guides industry clients and partners toward the market acceptance of innovative building products and supports them through improved building regulations.

To achieve this, the program works with provincial and territorial governments to support the development of model codes that are harmonized, simple and that enable business growth. Through strategic research and technical services, the BRMA program also works with clients to commercialize and evaluate new products while ensuring their compliance with code requirements.

Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us on strategic research projects to help de-risk your innovative ideas, reduce your start-up costs and accelerate your commercial development timelines.

Collaboration opportunities

NRC is working with industry and provincial/territorial governments to support model-codes development with new methods that are harmonized, simple, and cost-effective.

In collaboration with clients, NRC is also advancing methods to evaluate innovative products and systems to demonstrate their compliance to code requirements.

The goal is to allow for more innovative building products and their increased sales, as well as improve and harmonize building regulations.

NRC is helping industry become more innovative and competitive in two areas:

  • Performance-based technical solutions: Responds to manufacturers' needs to develop and commercialize innovative building products and systems complying with code requirements – particularly in the areas of energy efficiency, weather-protection, and sound transmission control.
  • Research-based codes development: Responds to industry and P/T government needs to develop construction codes and related tools that enable business growth and address changing societal needs and emerging technologies, specifically in areas of fire safety and clean and safe indoor air.
Collaborator benefits

For over 65 years, NRC has been providing a competitive advantage to the Canadian construction industry. Our world-class research facilities combined with our expertise and customized technical and advisory services make us an important resource for industry's construction innovation.

Partner benefits include:

  • access to a multi-partner network to develop stronger industry relationship and leverage their own investment, resulting in larger gains and faster progress with less investment;
  • participation in multi-year collaboration research projects allowing for impartial performance evaluation and validation of innovative solutions;
  • reduced time for evaluation of innovative products; and
  • access to NRC's vast resources, which include world-renowned expertise and testing facilities.
Technical and advisory services

NRC's researchers and technicians are experts on acoustics, building envelope, fire safety, human factors and indoor environment issues.

NRC houses the National Fire Laboratory where technical services including testing, calibration, prototyping, demonstrations and consulting are tailored for quick returns from clients' strategic investment.

The Canadian Construction Materials Centre provides product evaluation services to help you determine the safety and efficiency of innovative products in accordance with construction code requirements.

The Codes Canada provides technical and administrative support to the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) and its related committees, which are responsible for the development of the national model construction codes of Canada. An important aspect of the work of the CCC lies in helping code users to understand and apply the codes. The Centre, through the CCBFC, provides commentaries, user's guides and online seminars to the construction industry explaining the intent of code requirements.

NRC coordinates its review of the Canadian National Master Construction Specification (NMS) through standards organizations and the construction industry. The NMS is the most comprehensive master specification in Canada serving as an easy-to-use framework for writing construction project specifications. The content reflects the expertise of many of Canada's foremost authorities on specifications, contract documents, and construction technology.

Research facilities

NRC has world-class research and technology development facilities based in Ottawa, and can in some cases relocate testing equipment to work on location.

Contact us

If you're interested in advancing Canadian building regulations and compliance assessments or in accessing NRC's facilities and experts to advance your innovations, contact:

Chris Pezoulas, Business Advisor (acting)
Telephone: 613-993-9502

Targeted industries

Manufacturers of building materials and products, their industry associations, provincial/territorial governments, and federal departments and agencies.