Aeronautical Product Development Technologies program


To create a successful product, companies must advance emerging and maturing technologies in prototypes to a level where the risk is acceptable from both a business and a regulatory standpoint. The Aeronautical Product Development Technologies (APDT) program helps the Canadian aerospace industry by reducing the cost of the rigorous developmental testing and evaluation required to advance the technological readiness of aeronautical products from initial prototype to certified product.

By providing priority access to national facilities and technologies, the APDT program helps to reduce the time, costs and risks associated with development, testing and certification, thereby enhancing the success of Canada's aerospace sector. The program also works with Transport Canada to seek new and innovative ways to ensure that aeronautical products attain the same target level of safety while streamlining the associated regulatory efforts.


Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us on strategic research projects to help de-risk your innovative ideas, reduce your start-up costs and accelerate your commercial development timelines.

Collaboration opportunities

NRC is actively seeking partners and collaborators to join our APDT initiative and help bring innovative aeronautical products to market. A current research priority within this program and others is to develop and test alternative fuels (low-lead) for general aviation aircraft, a transportation method that links many remote communities.

Potential APDT partners include:

  • Canadian aerospace companies, who will have access to emerging capabilities within NRC in order to mature their products, and grow and increase product line profitability through reduced certification costs.
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including engine and airframe OEMs, who will increase their operating margin by de-risking on-time deliveries of new designs through cost-effective certification processes.
  • Regulators, who will receive NRC's advice and support on new technologies, fuels and processes to ensure that new products are certified safely and efficiently.

Through the APDT initiative, NRC aims to reduce aeronautical product development risk for Canadian industry by 2018. We'll do this by providing priority access to national facilities and technologies in order to reduce their time spent at NRC for product qualification by weeks and months.

Collaborator benefits

NRC is the only Canadian research and technology organization with the expertise and infrastructure to support Canadian companies in aeronautical product development, enabling them to compete in the global aerospace sector.

NRC and its partners will collaborate to establish and certify processes for the development of new aeronautical products. Our work will include evaluating and verifying aerodynamics data, engine and propulsion systems, and structural integrity. We'll also provide flight test and simulation services.

Our APDT partners realize the following benefits:

  • Access to a world-class research infrastructure and unique expertise, combined with competitive rates, customized service options and measures to ensure partner data integrity and confidentiality;
  • Maximal opportunities and connections between Canadian companies at all levels of the supply chain, including upper tier suppliers and OEMs;
  • Access to a network of research development test and evaluation providers; and
  • Established and strong relationships with regulators.
Technical and advisory services

NRC will provide key technical services and expertise to partners on a one-on-one basis. We can assist and guide clients and partners in proven approaches for product development and qualification. Our multi-disciplinary array of technical capabilities includes:

Research facilities

Partners and clients have access to an extensive range of facilities, instrumentation and equipment. In support of our test facilities, we offer a wide range of analysis and simulation software and capabilities, including structural analysis programs, computational fluid dynamics software and combustion modelling software. Our Ottawa facilities include:

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