Nafiseh Ebrahimi - Employee profile

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[On screen: Nafiseh Ebrahimi, Research Associate, NRC]

I grew up in Iran and my parents were both teachers and growing up in a family that both parents are teachers the education was always a very big focus of our family.

My name is Nafiseh Ebrahimi and I'm a research associate at NRC's Construction Research Centre and my expertise is in corrosion and electrochemistry.

It's something that is costing nations a lot and a lot of money. It's a problem that's basically everywhere.

The impacts of it can be minimized if we pick the right material, pick the right method and actually think about it before going to the industry.

I've always liked teaching and transferring what I know and what I learn to students and to other people and that's something that I think came with me from my childhood when my parents had been teachers.

We're trying to find solutions for the current world's problems.

We're working in multidisciplinary teams, I get to share what I know with people around me and I get to learn from all these great people who are experts in their fields.

We get to serve Canadians and we get to find better solutions that will make life easier for them.

Some people think that women are not made for engineering and they'd better go and pick something more feminine but my experience has been that once you're in the field and once you're involved with engineers I never felt like I was judged.

It's always about the knowledge; it's always about what you can bring to the table; how can you solve the problem.

I think women have a better eye for looking at the details and finding all little details that might not be noticed otherwise so if we have a team that has both female and male, that would provide more eyes for looking at the problem from different angles and coming up with the right solution.

Sometimes I feel it's hard to find a balance between my professional life and my personal life.

I do some yoga and do some meditation and just try to let it go… the work is done, it's time for me and I try to focus on myself, what makes me happy and what I can do to be a better person for tomorrow.

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