Metrology is the science of measurement

Everything from the safety of the medications we take to the regulations that protect us from over-exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals relies on accurate, standard measurement.

Metrology is behind the standards that ensure you get what you pay for when you fill your car with gas or pick up a couple steaks for the barbecue. It provides the structure that allows modern life to go on in a safe and orderly fashion. Without standard, accurate measurement, modern life could get pretty chaotic.

Metrology is the science of measurement- Transcript

On the screen: Image showing the weight unit in kilograms.

It's part of everyday life.

On screen: Image showing the temperature in Celsius and decibel level.

Look around you, and you'll see it.

On screen: Image showing GPS location.

It helps you communicate.

On screen: Image showing the metric value of a ruler.

It helps you understand.

On screen: Image showing the heart rate.

It's with you in your struggles.

On the screen: Image showing the altitude of an aircraft in metres.

And helps you soar to new heights.

It may not be the meaning of life.

But it helps bring meaning to life.

Metrology. It counts.

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