DOCLINE in Canada


Notice of changes

Effective August 2, 2021, Unity Health Toronto has replaced the National Research Council of Canada as the coordinator of DOCLINE in Canada.

If you are a Canadian library, please contact Unity Health Toronto, the new DOCLINE coordinator or use the Apply Now button on the DOCLINE home page to discuss your library's eligibility to become a member.

DOCLINE® is the U.S. National Library of Medicine's (NLM) interlibrary loan request routing and referral system. It provides efficient document delivery service among libraries in the health/biomedical sectors in the United States and Canada.

Who can use DOCLINE

To sign up for DOCLINE, libraries are required to meet the criteria outlined in DOCLINE eligibility guidelines and to be able to help support  DOCLINE’s mandate as a resource for reciprocal interlibrary lending among libraries in Canada and the United States.

Only libraries with a health-related or biomedical collection are eligible for DOCLINE. Participants must have at least ten (10) DOCLINE journal holdings and will be asked to keep their profile updated in the system. Each library is entitled to set its own interlibrary loaning policies, including restricting the scope of its lending and setting fees and similar policies.

Upon confirmation that your library is eligible to use DOCLINE, the Coordinator will then work with you to establish a basic DOCLINE Library Profile and set up DOCLINE user account(s) for your institution.

New participants should begin actively lending and borrowing within three (3) months of activating their account and ensure continued efficiency in routing requests quickly and accurately through the system.


There are no fees to become a member of DOCLINE but charges may apply for interlibrary loan transactions.

How to apply

If you are a Canadian library, please contact the NRC National Science Library’s DOCLINE Coordinator or use the Apply Now button on the DOCLINE home page to discuss your library’s eligibility. U.S. libraries, should contact the NNLM DOCLINE Coordination Office.

Resources for DOCLINE members

For FAQs, releases, quick tour videos and webinars, see the National Library of Medicine's resources for DOCLINE Members. See DOCLINE system requirements for more technical details.