DOCLINE in Canada


DOCLINE is an online interlibrary loan routing and messaging system for health sciences information. It matches requests for journal articles to potential lenders who report holding them. DOCLINE then sends the request to each of those potential lenders in turn, starting with the lenders considered the most desirable by the borrower and progressing down the list until all potential lenders have been exhausted or until the request is filled.


  • Increases both the rate and the speed at which your interlibrary loan requests get filled
  • Reduces the overall workload of your interlibrary loan activities while at the same time enabling you to both borrow and lend more
  • Provides access to resources of libraries that might otherwise be inaccessible
  • Provides statistical reports on borrowing and lending activities

Role of the DOCLINE Coordinator

DOCLINE is a product of the US National Library of Medicine (NLM). NLM assigned the NRC's National Science Library responsibility for administering DOCLINE in Canada. As the DOCLINE coordinator in Canada, we provide training and technical assistance, determine the suitability of new applicants, oversee the application process, and act as a liaison between Canadian participants and other libraries.