The National Research Council of Canada's global reach


Canada's participation in international science & technology (S&T) is vital for the nation to gain access to the knowledge and information it needs to succeed in the new knowledge-based economy.

This global reach improves the quality of knowledge produced by Canadian researchers. It creates access to the world's best S&T facilities, equipment and talent. It provides vital access to the knowledge produced by researchers in other nations, a necessity for Canada and Canadian businesses. It also opens doors for Canadian firms to access the technology opportunities and information they need to remain competitive.

The international scientific research community has always cooperated across borders. Most of this cooperation occurs informally, researcher-to-researcher. Given the enormous benefits generated by these informal international partnerships, the NRC has actively pursued international research partnerships and alliances on behalf of Canada.

The NRC plays a leading role in providing Canada with strategic S&T information, intelligence and connections to centres of advanced S&T around the world. The NRC has created valuable international linkages and networks that help transfer S&T information back to Canadian firms, universities and public sector partners, and also generate new business opportunities for Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises.