Special Interest Group in Blow Moulding (SIGBLOW)


The automotive industry constantly develops new technologies to respond to increasingly stringent regulations and manufacturing requirements. To successfully compete on the global stage, auto manufacturers need to find new ways of controlling design and development costs, streamlining fabrication processes and responding quickly to rapidly changing market needs.

Nowhere is making optimal use of every gram of plastic more challenging than in the manufacturing of blow-moulded thermoplastic parts. As one of the most complex and expensive processes in product development today, manufacturers need new solutions that will respond to the industry's persistent demands for greater product functionality, reduced weight and higher performance-to-cost ratios.


Led by the National Research Council (NRC), global leaders in the automotive, packaged goods and resin industries form a research group known as SIGBLOW (Special Interest Group in Blow Moulding) with the goal of increasing the efficiency of the blow-moulding design process. With its extensive scientific knowledge of polymers, engineering capability and equipment that can handle various types of blow-moulding processes, NRC plays a primary research lead in the group. SIGBLOW has been around for over twenty years to develop advances in blow moulding simulation technology. The following companies are part of SIGBLOW:

  • TI Automotive
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Graham Packaging Company
  • Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy Division
  • Kautex North America
  • ABC Group - Saflex Polymers Ltd.
  • Walbro Engine Managment
  • Trinseo Netherlands bv
  • Agri-Industrial Plastics
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • ContiTech
  • Yapp Automotive Systems
  • Silgan Plastics
  • DSM Engineering Plastics
  • Plasticade
  • Consolidated Container Company
  • Exo-S
  • Pepsico
  • Lanxess
  • Asahi-Kasei
  • Mergon
  • Terrabyte
  • Kyoraku
  • Yachiyo Industry
Current projects
  • Simulation of complex Sheet/Parison Formation for Extrusion Blow Moulding, and Twin-Sheet Blow Moulding. Projects on control and optimization of parison thickness, including Vertical Wall Distribution System (VWDS), Static Flexible Deformable Ring (SFDR) and Partial Wall Distribution System (PWDS). Development of 3D viscoelastic flow simulation through extrusion heads to study geometrical effects of the die configuration and resin effects.
  • Simulation of parison and preform inflation to predict manufacturing defects and final part performance such as final weight.
  • Simulation of part warpage after ejection from the mould to predict dimensions of final part.
  • Projects on process optimization and validation to automatically identify operation windows.
  • Simulation of welding of internal components.
  • Software customization to meet client specific needs.
Why join SIGBLOW

Members benefit from the competitive advantage of having exclusive access to the latest advances in BlowView simulation software, NRC laboratories and technology information reviews.

  • Make use of skills and expertise that align with your priorities.
  • Control, minimize and share the risks associated with new technology development.
  • Obtain comprehensive, reliable results you can adapt to your needs.
  • Expand your technical capabilities and become more competitive with improved quality, cost and turnaround times.
How does SIGBLOW work

R&D activities are carried out according to priorities of SIGBLOW members. The results are delivered to members on a continuous basis through face-to-face technology transfer group meetings, WebEx sessions and individual member support. The resulting technology transfer is oriented for processors, material, mould and equipment suppliers, transportation, recreational and packaging sectors.

Contact us

Membership in SIGBLOW is currently open. For more information on how to become a member, please contact:

Jason Pierosara, Client Relationship Leader
Telephone: 613-998-9378
Email: Jason.Pierosara@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca

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