Machining 4.0 industrial R&D group

The Machining 4.0 industrial research and development (R&D) group (known as MACH4UM) aims to establish Canada as a global leader in sustainable, highly intelligent machining and manufacturing processes to benefit the Canadian aerospace ecosystem.

Developed by the NRC's Aerospace Research Centre, this industrial R&D group seeks to bring together advanced machining and manufacturing innovation expertise from industry, research organizations and academia to develop new digital, smart and sustainable machining technologies for the factory-of-the-future.


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Our objectives

  • Lead the Canadian machining industry's shift to Machining 4.0
  • Strengthen Canada's industry competitiveness for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and Tier 1 companies in the Canadian and global supply chain
  • Expand the group's network of industrial and academic partners across Canada
  • Maintain excellence in R&D to support Canadian industry
  • Support sustainable innovation and expand the development of green technologies
  • Enhance the efficiency, productivity, quality and profitability of the Canadian machining industry

Our role

The NRC will support the Machining 4.0 industrial R&D group by providing in-kind contributions for all its activities. The group will:

  • develop and maintain an industry roadmap for the factory-of-the-future
  • build on the NRC's advanced machining technologies for industrialization
  • transfer knowledge to jointly develop novel technologies
  • demonstrate Canada's competitive advantage in the global context

"The most successful aerospace sectors exist where industry, workers, academia and governments work hand-in-hand to achieve a common goal."

Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, Vision 2025

Our mission

Support the manufacturing industry in Canada to develop and implement advanced technologies to increase its competitive advantage in Machining 4.0 worldwide.

Our vision

Establish Canadian global leadership in Machining 4.0 through nurturing and growing the competitiveness of the Canadian manufacturing industry on the basis of innovation and collaboration.

Why join MACH4UM?

MACH4UM offers a unique opportunity to shift to Machining 4.0 by harnessing the following essential enablers in one initiative:

  • A clear strategy and a joint R&D roadmap of transformation to Machining 4.0 to improve your productivity, product quality, agility and sustainability, including:
    • enabling the existing machining processes Industry 4.0 readiness;
    • developing novel Machining 4.0 technologies;
    • facilitating industrialization of such technologies; and
    • supporting the integration into a digital ecosystem.
  • Access to the NRC's concrete foundation of advanced manufacturing expertise, leadership, existing TRL4-6 technologies and unique industrial R&D facilities
  • Developing a joint collaborative R&D roadmap that responds to the immediate and future needs of the machining industry
  • Engaging the right partners (Canadian and international research organizations, academia, government and industry partners)
  • De-risking the development and implementation of new technologies
  • Funding and leveraging R&D cost
  • Networking and learning to grow market access and identify future directions
  • Building and empowering Machining 4.0 workforce

Technology areas of short, medium and long term development:

  • Digital systems and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Intelligent machining
  • Sustainable and hybrid machining
  • Machining digital twins
  • High performance /precision super-abrasive
  • Robotized machining
  • Hybrid additive-subtractive manufacturing
  • Advanced metrology

MACH4UM activities

  • Technology development and implementation
    • Collaborative R&D projects
    • Support technology industrialization and integration
  • Learning and training
    • Training programs
    • Webinars
    • Panel roundtables
    • Lunch & Learn events
    • Industry tours
  • Networking
    • MACH4UM stakeholder meetings
    • Ecosystem networking events
    • Newsletters
    • Stakeholder project planning meetings

How to join

To become a member, please fill out the form here: Expression of interest for collaboration—Machining 4.0 industrial R&D group.

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Contact us

For more information, please contact:

Targeted Industries

Canadian SMEs, Tier1s and academia

  • Aerospace and transportation machining and manufacturing industry
  • Digital and automation systems industry and research teams
  • Machine-tool manufacturers
  • Tool manufacturers
  • Sensor-based system developers and integrators
  • Artificial intelligence industry and research teams

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