LiBTec industrial R&D group

With a global market expected to grow to up to $145 billion USD by 2025 – a growth rate largely attributed to the demand from the automotive sector, lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) technology is a key player representing the cutting edge of clean energy innovations in the energy storage area. Lithium Battery Technology (LiBTec) is a multiparty industrial precompetitive R&D initiative that is aimed at developing and supporting the Canadian supply chain in value added graphite and lithium materials, specifically for lithium-ion battery applications.

LiBTec brings together raw materials suppliers, material processors, battery producers, OEMs and other companies across the supply chain and gives them access to leading edge technologies. By joining LiBTec, your company can gain access to these technologies quickly, at low risk and low cost.

What is LiBTec?

NRC is bringing together leaders in the automotive, mining and energy storage sectors to solve industry challenges in the development of new Li-ion battery technologies. Member companies advise and partner on technology development and receive early access to the R&D results, giving them a competitive edge in process and product development.

LiBTec material producers and processors will not only accelerate their product development, but also meet LiB anode and cathode manufacturer requirements, while the LiB anode and cathode manufacturers will gain access to materials of known quality and insight related to the manufacturing of anodes and cathodes offering better performance and longevity.

LiBTec specific R&D objectives

In collaboration with industry members, this initiative will:

  • Conduct technology watch of graphite and silicon materials and composites used in anodes as well as battery-grade lithium compounds and cathodes;
  • Develop and analyze product specifications and characteristics for anode and cathode components;
  • Develop graphite-silicon composite anode with increased capacity;
  • Enable the cost-competitive and high-quality production of lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate as precursor materials for selected LiB cathode chemistries;
  • Develop improved LiB materials influencing anode and cathode performance and lifetime;
  • Benchmark anode materials, lithium compounds, and cathode materials from participants and competitors;
  • Optimize anode and cathode formulations and benchmark electrode performance and life cycle in Li-ion cells.
Our members
  • Bombardier
  • Magna International
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Mason Graphite
  • Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America
  • NanoXplore
  • Nissan Technical Center North America
  • Nouveau-Monde Graphite
  • Tekna
Why join LiBTec?

Members benefit from the competitive advantage of exclusive access to the latest advances in Li-ion battery technologies.

  • Make use of skills and expertise of more than 50 experts that align with your priorities
  • Gain access to unique technologies and confidential R&D results
  • Be a part of cutting-edge R&D projects at an affordable cost
  • Minimize and share the risks associated with new technology development
  • Expand your technical capabilities
  • Obtain comprehensive, reliable results you can adapt to your needs
  • Access to selected NRC background intellectual property and all NRC arising intellectual property as a result of the LiBTec R&D projects.
How does LiBTec work?

R&D activities are carried out according to the priorities of LiBTec members. NRC experts, in collaboration with industry partners, develop technologies in accordance with these set priorities.

The results are delivered to members on a continuous basis through face-to-face technology transfer group meetings, WebEx sessions and individual member support. Call us to find out more.

Contact us

All current and prospective members of the raw material supply chain for LiBs are encouraged to participate, along with industrial users of input materials who are interested in accessing a high-quality Canadian supply. Contact us to find out how your company can join this technology-transfer initiative.

Michel Cloutier, Business Development Officer
Telephone: 514-348-9529
: Michel Cloutier

Targeted industries

OEMs, battery producers, raw materials suppliers, material processors, primarily graphite, graphene, silicon and lithium producers and suppliers.

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