Confidentiality of business information


The National Research Council of Canada provides you with the professional advice and assistance to develop and use technology. Because we work closely with your organization and it may involve having access to sensitive business information, we take steps to ensure confidentiality.

Built-in safeguards to protect your confidential information

Federal legislation provides for the protection of your proprietary business information held by the National Research Council. Our employees have confidentiality requirements as part of their employment agreements and only ask you for the information they need to do their job. We take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to your confidential information whether it is physically or electronically stored. Your firm's trade secrets and confidential financial, commercial, scientific and technical information are protected from third-party access. Note that legislative reasons may require the Crown (federal government) to disclose information unless it may fall under one of the exceptions as stated under the Access to Information Act.

Protect your information

You can help us safeguard your business information:

  • Only provide the information we request
  • Clearly mark sensitive information as confidential or protected

To engage with the NRC, please contact us by email or by telephone toll-free at 1-877-NRC-CNRC or 1-877-672-2672.