NRC-uOttawa Joint Centre for Extreme Photonics


The National Research Council (NRC) and the University of Ottawa (uOttawa) have had a long-standing research relationship in the field of photonics. The Joint Centre for Extreme Photonics (JCEP) team is composed of researchers whose work will lead to new technologies, patents and many other innovations.


Current areas of focus

  • High-sensitivity detection of terahertz radiation
  • Ultrafast electronic coherences in molecules using transient absorption and photoelectron imaging techniques
  • UV frequency combs

Research expertise

  • Attosecond science
  • Extreme and quantum photonics
  • High-resolution, high-accuracy clocks
  • Nanophotonics
  • Ultrafast quantum photonics

Contact us

JCEP co-directors:

Dr. David Villeneuve
Telephone: 613-993-9975

Dr. Paul Corkum
Telephone: 613-993-7390

Location and facilities

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