NRC-University of British Columbia Collaboration Centre for Clean Energy Transition

Furthering research activities in the areas of clean energy materials and devices, as well as future energy systems based on hydrogen and other alternative fuels.

The Collaboration Centre for Clean Energy Transition is aiming to build a strong, long‑term relationship between the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to focus efforts in developing and integrating clean energy conversion processes and devices to act as strong economic alternatives to fossil fuels.


Current areas of focus

  • Clean energy transition towards a more sustainable future
  • Hydrogen economy and other chemical energy carriers
  • Clean energy conversion process and devices
  • Innovation in carbon and hydrogen conversion for renewable hydrogen

Research expertise

  • Material discovery, characterization and optimization
  • Clean energy conversion technologies: components, devices and systems for fuel cells and electrolyzers
  • Multi‑scale modelling and simulation
  • Energy system integration and digitalization
  • Demonstration and performance studies, data collection and data analytics
  • Artificial intelligence

Contact us

National Research Council of Canada

James McKinnell
Strategic Advisor, Clean Energy Innovation Research Centre
Telephone: 604‑221‑3072

University of British Columbia

Elod Gyenge
Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science
Telephone: 604‑822‑2583

Locations and facilities

Clean Energy Innovation Research Centre, National Research Council of Canada, 4250 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1W5

Faculty of Applied Science, UBC, Engineering Building, 2360 East Mall, Vancouver BC V6T 1Z3.

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