CIC-NRC Cybersecurity Collaboration Consortium

The CIC-NRC Cybersecurity Collaboration Consortium (CNCCC) is home to researchers from the University of New Brunswick's Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity (UNB-CIC) and the National Research Council (NRC) who conduct world-class research in cybersecurity.

This collaboration centre advances cybersecurity research and its applications in security, privacy, and safety; develops the skills of students and early career researchers; and promotes the cybersecurity sector of the local and national economies.


Areas of focus

  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Smart homes, enterprises and cities
  • Smart grids

Research expertise

  • Network security, Internet of Things ( IoT ) security, mobile security
  • Malware analysis and attribution
  • Dataset generation and distribution
  • Machine learning
  • Human behaviour analytics
  • Natural language processing
  • Image and data analytics

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Contact us

National Research Council of Canada
Scott Buffett, Fredericton Site Leader

University of New Brunswick
Ali Ghorbani, Director of the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity
Telephone: 506-443-3922


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