Advanced aerial mobility

The rapidly growing advanced aerial mobility sector is shaping the future of aviation. This sector, led by an ecosystem of industry players developing new technologies based on electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and remotely piloted aircraft systems, also know as drones, aims to offer new ways of moving people, goods and services by air in urban, rural and remote areas. At the same time, the global aviation industry is under increased pressure to meet the net-zero greenhouse gas emission targets that Canada and other jurisdictions have set. However, aviation is universally acknowledged as the hardest transportation sector to decarbonize.

Our expertise

The National Research Council of Canada's Aerospace Research Centre is at the forefront of emerging aerospace technologies and plays a key role in driving and supporting the research and development needed to address the challenges posed by the advanced aerial mobility sector. Our goal is to position Canada as a leader in this strategic sector by enabling a safe and efficient adoption of novel aviation technologies.

Through our Integrated Aerial Mobility program and strong partnerships with industry, academia and other government organizations, our experts are helping the Canadian aerospace industry by advancing niche technologies, supporting regulatory framework development and providing testing and certification support. Our capabilities stem from our cross-cutting expertise and unique facilities that can help industry use these new technologies in their aerial vehicle supply chains.

The work we do focuses on 4 main aspects of these vehicles:

  • Flight autonomy
  • Operating environment
  • Integrated design
  • Integrated aerial services

Areas of research

  • Flight autonomy
  • Detect and avoid
  • Airspace modelling
  • Icing
  • Urban flows
  • Impact severity assessment
  • Low-noise technology
  • Low-cost production
  • Counter-drone and traffic management
  • Remote sensing
  • Aerial robotics


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Facilities and labs

NRC facilities and labs that can help you develop, test and validate your advanced aerial mobility technologies:

Success stories

Learn more about our significant milestones and accomplishments in the field of advanced aerial mobility:

Why work with us

Our specialized advisory services range from technology development, testing and certification to calibration, prototyping, demonstrations, scale-up and consulting. Thanks to our experts and facilities dedicated to aerospace technologies, we can work with you to take advantage of advanced air mobility technologies and opportunities.

  • Collaborative R&D: Our research expertise can help you advance your R&D projects
  • Technical services: Our technical expertise can help you test and mature your technology and take it to the next level