Test and characterization for photonic devices and electronic devices

Technical service highlights

We offer test and characterization services that complement our core fabrication services. Our experts have experience in all aspects of materials characterization, device modelling, simulation and design, as well as analysis and testing of discrete devices and optical integrated circuits.

What we offer

Surface analysis and materials characterization

  • Chemical surface analysis (Auger, SIMS, XPS, FTIR, EELS, EDS)
  • Physical surface characterization (SEM, TEM, AFM, surface profilometry, XRD)

Device modelling, simulation and design

  • III-V infrared laser components and modules
  • Infrared photodetectors
  • Silicon-based integrated photonics circuits
  • Optical filters and facets
  • Electronic circuits

Electronic device testing

  • Fully automated probe stations for wafer mapping of direct current (DC) device characteristics, including those at elevated temperatures
  • Radio frequency (RF) characterization to 50 GHz

Optical device testing

  • Passive photonic integrated circuit device spectral response, insertion loss, polarization mode dispersion and polarization dependent loss
  • Semiconductor laser characterization, including light-current-voltage (L-I-V), relative intensity noise, quantum efficiency, temperature dependence and spectral characterization
  • Semiconductor laser lifetime testing
  • Active optoelectronic device electrical test, including pulse response and dc and low frequency impedance and transconductance measurements from T=80 K to 500 K
  • Optical film characterization in the visible and infrared (IR)
  • Measurement of optical material parameters, including refractive index, absorption and birefringence

Why work with us

The NRC has the largest concentration of expertise and facilities in photonic devices, photonics materials, and semiconductor device fabrication in Canada. Our researchers are internationally recognized leaders in their fields of expertise, which include silicon photonics, high-performance laser design and material science.

We are the only organization in Canada with a proven ability to support partners in bringing new photonic products from the concept stage, through materials and design development, to early commercialization.

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Telephone: 613-716-3942
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