Quantum cyber security solutions

Digital communications are now pervasive in personal, business and government transactions: we live, work, and play in cyberspace. Digital infrastructure also keeps essential services up and running. However these systems are attractive targets and we've seen an accompanying rise in threats to the integrity of critical IT infrastructure from cyber security breaches.

The emerging field of quantum communication promises unhackable, secure communication that can be applied to protect our digital infrastructure. Breaking quantum encryption isn't just difficult, it is against the laws of physics!

What we offer

Working with clients and partners from industry, academia and government, the NRC is developing photonics-based, quantum-enhanced cyber security solutions. We are collaborating to develop technologies that address increased demands for high-performance security for communications, data storage and data processing. This will position Canada as a global leader in the new field of quantum cyber security.


These new quantum technologies will help government and financial institutions keep up with increased security demands, and deliver significant security benefits for national defence, infrastructure and intelligence interests.

The NRC offers our industry partners strategic competitive advantage through our deep technological and innovative capability, strategic technology and market intelligence, and commercialization expertise. We open up new markets for partners and help them to bring innovations to market faster.

The NRC is unique in its ability to deploy large teams of highly qualified scientists and engineers with high-level security clearance and advanced capabilities in quantum photonics to address current and future technology challenges.

The NRC provides world-renowned facilities and expertise in photonics and quantum technologies and the opportunity to collaborate strategically with Canada's vibrant high-tech industries and world-leading academics in quantum information science.


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