Physical modelling services

Capability highlights

The NRC offers a set of comprehensive test facilities as well as numerical modelling and full scale field trials capabilities. These facilities address a wide range of client needs and provide complete solutions to complex problems involving marine vessels, structures and environments.

What we offer

The NRC has the capacity to determine the performance of ships, marine structures and offshore structures in harsh ocean conditions. Reliable performance evaluation is vital to many sectors of industry as it is essential for ensuring safety and security, lowering operational costs and protecting the marine environment.

The NRC pursues a range of research projects in performance evaluation. The NRC continues to focus on assessing, optimizing and validating infrastructure project designs before construction to reduce risk, improve performance and minimize full lifecycle costs. Creating models to scale for testing in our state-of-the-art facilities delivers technologies to improve the operability of marine vehicles while lowering the risks and costs associated with their operation.

Our physical modelling facilities include:

Why Work With Us

Working with industry to bridge the gap between innovation and commercialization, the NRC plays a critical role in de-risking and demonstrating technologies in order to support industry bringing them to market. Working with the NRC offers you the competitive advantage of world-class, customizable testing facilities combined with the broad knowledge and experience of our in-house research staff. The NRC capitalizes on our professional staff who have extensive experience in advanced engineering and complex ocean, coastal and river environments.


Fees vary depending on the project and your requirements. For further information, contact Martin Richard at 709-772-8750 or by email at:

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If you would like more information about working with NRC on constructing a physical model, please contact:

Martin Richard, Director, Research and Development
Telephone: 709-772-8750