Machine translation


We live in an increasingly multilingual world where all industry sectors reach out to fast-growing markets in their own languages. Today's global translation, interpretation and localization industry has a market value of US $33 billion and continues to grow rapidly.

In Canada alone, the federal government invested approximately $200 million on translation in 2013.

As demands on the language service industry continue to grow, technology can play an increasingly important role: not only to enhance the productivity of individual translators, but also to generate rough translations – gisting – that can help information analysts determine whether or not higher-quality translations are required.

The NRC's innovative capacity and technical competence in machine translation are recognized internationally. Its machine translation team and technologies regularly achieve outstanding performance results in evaluations held by organizations such as Open MT (organized by the US National Institute of Standards & Technology); the Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation; and the TRAD campaign funded by the French Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA).

What we offer

NRC offers cutting-edge expertise in machine translation, computer-assisted translation and all matters related to multilingual text processing.

Over the last 10 years, our world-renowned experts have developed the Portage Statistical Machine Translation technology. This technology, given adequate data, can automatically generate new machine translation systems for virtually any pair of languages and any domain of specialization.

In recent years, Portage technology has successfully deployed systems to translate between English and French, from Arabic to English and French, and from Chinese to English.

In addition to increasing the productivity of translators and information analysts, these systems can also be used as components within multilingual applications, such as cross-language information search and routing, and entity recognition.

NRC experts are available to discuss your requirements and to work with you to map your current needs with our extensive Portage capabilities.

The commercial version of our technology, Portage, is available for licensing from Terminotix Inc., or, in some instances, directly from NRC. New versions of Portage, incorporating the latest improvements in this fast-moving field, are regularly released.

Why work with us

Our experts have extensive experience and knowledge of machine translation, and can build a state-of-the-art system for any language pair for which a bilingual parallel corpus exists.

Contact us

If you're interested in using machine translation, developing machine translation systems, accessing our world-class machine translation expertise, or collaborating with our machine translation experts, contact:

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