Fibre Bragg grating prototype service

Technical service highlights

Canada’s fibre Bragg grating (FBG) group invented FBG technology in the 1970s. With the transfer of this group from the Communications Research Centre Canada to the NRC in 2013, the NRC is now a world leader in this technical field and we continue to push the boundaries of FBG technology for our clients in new and exciting ways.

The FBG is an optical filtering device inscribed within the core of an optical fibre that reflects light of a specific wavelength that is dependent on the inscribed grating period.

With our fully equipped laboratories, laser systems - including a high-power continuous wave frequency Doubled Argon Ion UV laser and three femtosecond pulse duration Titanium Sapphire regenerative amplifiers - we are uniquely positioned to work with companies from a broad spectrum of industries to keep you at the leading edge of technology advancement.

FBG technology is simple and cheap to fabricate, easy to decode, creates no electrical noise and is immune to electromagnetic interference. The first generation of the technology was licensed to over 30 companies globally, creating a FBG manufacturing industry.

Due to its simplicity, FBG technology has been easily integrated into existing optical fibre communication networks to expand network capacity. It is also uniquely suited as a temperature and stress sensor since the grating period can be easily affected by heat and strain.

Next generation FBG technology can be used in extreme environments of temperature, pressure and radiation.


What we offer

The NRC’s FBG Prototype Service offers comprehensive access to experts, facilities and extensive networks.

We can design the gratings that you require, based upon your unique specifications.

We are perfectly positioned to tackle your most difficult technical challenges and we are open to working closely with you on any new FBG device prototyping requirements.

The NRC can keep you at the forefront of FBG technology development and application:

  • We have developed next-generation FBGs, which offer many advantages over the competition: they are ideal for high-temperature optical sensors, or intrinsic laser cavity mirrors in exotic optical fibres for unusual or high power fibre laser applications.
  • We have developed new optical sensors - based on Sapphire optical fibre - which can operate at extremely high temperatures (up to 2000 °C) and do not involve complex decoding schemes or propagation through air gaps. These qualities make these new sensors useful tools for companies seeking easier and more cost-effective solutions.
  • We are engaged in an extensive development program examining the sensing applications of ultraviolet and femtosecond infrared-induced grating structures in optical fibre and planar lightwave circuits.

Other potential applications include:

  • laser sources for medical and remote sensing applications
  • gratings manufacturing for the telecom market, bypassing several processing steps that reduce device yield (stripping/recoating, hydrogen loading).

Why work with us?

The NRC is now a world leader in FBG technology and is well-established in the Canadian-based fibre Bragg grating component manufacturing industry.

We offer the infrastructure, personnel, equipment, experience and networking capabilities that you need to advance your development and business goals. Our development keeps us – and you – at the leading edge of technology advancement. And we offer valuable access to the NRC’s broader, world-class technological and innovative capability, and extensive networks.


We are flexible in our approach to business engagement. Please contact us today to discuss how our experts and networks can help advance your development and business objectives.

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