Environmental hydraulics services

Image of the Peribonca Dam

Peribonca Dam

Image of Alain's Creek (Annapolis River basin)

Alain's Creek (Annapolis River basin)

"Environmental hydraulics is the examination of the physical, chemical and biological attributes of flowing water, with the objective of protecting and enhancing the quality of the environment, including public welfare"

A broad range of services in the field of environmental hydraulics are now offered by NRC. These services originated and now complement NRC's traditional expertise in the areas of coastal engineering and cold regions technology. With the increasing need for environmental assessments and consideration for environmental protection and remediation, NRC has developed and expanded their technical expertise and tools to provide practical solutions for a wide range of complex environmental problems.

Using sophisticated numerical models, and in some cases physical models, NRC examines the nature of environmental hydraulics problems and develops potential solutions. Model results are communicated in an intuitive manner with the aid of state-of-the-art graphics and animations, thereby facilitating understanding to non-technical stakeholders and the general public.

Environmental hydraulics services include:

  • coastal ecosystem management
  • river and watershed management
  • flood management and dam break
  • chemical and oil spill migration
  • water quality and pollutant transport
  • sediment transport including shoreline erosion and dredged spoil disposal
  • aquaculture management
  • environmental informations and simulation systems

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