At the Human Health Therapeutics Research Centre, our mission to accelerate innovative biologics in Canada starts at the discovery stage. We work with clients and collaborators to design complex early-stage biologics for treating or preventing chronic diseases and emerging infections.

We have expertise in R&D throughout the discovery stage:

  • Target identification
  • Proprietary databases
  • Antibody generation and characterization
  • Humanization
  • Viral vector design and targeting
  • Cell therapy platforms and targeting
  • Vaccine development
  • Analytical development
  • Biophysical characterization
  • Manufacturability assessments

Research areas

Expression systems: Cell line development and protein and viral vector production in animal cells

Antibodies: Antibody generation, antibody characterization and lead optimization using antibodies alone or to target other therapeutics such as chimeric antigen receptor T‑cells (CAR-T cells) or lipid nanoparticles

Vectors: Improvements in the safety and utility of this important class of vectors for use as vaccines or gene therapies

Adjuvants: Production of well-defined, tailor-made, non-toxic and thermostable adjuvants that can be combined with a wide range of antigens

Blood-brain barrier carriers: Development of carriers for delivering therapeutics beyond brain barriers

A man and woman wearing lab coats, safety glasses and gloves stand side by side in a laboratory adjusting a piece of equipment.

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