Data mining

Image of Molikpaq in moving pack ice

Molikpaq in moving pack ice

NRC has acquired an extensive set of information pertaining to the development of the Canadian Beaufort Sea. With this information, as well as a long history of research on ice forces on structures, NRC has established a Centre for Ice Loads on Offshore Structures. Its information primarily focuses on the ice loads that have been measured on structures placed offshore. Most of the data was collected over several years of exploration in Canada's Arctic. Extensive contributions to the Centre were made by Gulf Canada Resources Ltd., Imperial Oil (Esso) and Canmar. Funding was provided by the Program on Energy Research and Development.

The collection houses more than 1300 reports, 200 films and videos, and includes all event data recorded on the Gulf Molikpaq. It also includes Gulf's deterministic and probabilistic ice load calculation models. The information in the Centre is actively used by NRC in addressing cold regions problems. It serves as a valuable resource in determining actual ice loads on structures placed in an ice environment.

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