CanTAC - Canadian Time Allocation Committee

  • Gemini & CFHT are the results of international collaborations.
  • Canada has a 18% share in Gemini, with the rest going to the U.S.A., Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Australia, and Hawaii.
  • Canada has a 42.5% share in the CFHT, France has 42.5% and the University of Hawaii has the remaining 15%.


The quality and integrity of the Canadian telescope time allocation process owes much to the unselfish efforts of the CanTAC scientific members and NRC staff. These people oversee the peer review of most of the proposals submitted to Gemini (NIR, optical), and CFHT (optical).


This system assures that the member handling a proposal will have expertise in the relevant subject area. Expert members are more likely to identify capable and objective reviewers, and they provide a critical check and balance during the peer review process.


Because they work with little or no compensation, they allow us to maintain a high level of scientific & technical quality, at minimal cost to the proposal authors and user communities.


A list of current members of CanTAC is available.