Legend of Evelys: interactive role‑playing mobile application

Participate in mental health research through an interactive role‑playing game


With an idea born from the isolation felt during the pandemic, a group of passionate NRC researchers developed the Legend of Evelys game. Working with mental health experts from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, they created a role-playing mobile game with a retro gaming look that will be used to study the effectiveness of video games to guide and support mental health self-care.

The beta test for the app is now open. The mobile game is available for iPhone or Android and is based on clinically recognized cognitive-behavioural therapy. What makes this game unique: it will be accessible for free to all Canadians, it is based on solid science, and it is interactive to keep users engaged and motivated.

In the app, you can personalize your avatar and explore the fantastic world of Evelys, while playing games and completing tasks based on traditional therapy. The goal of this study is to determine if Legend of Evelys is usable by Canadians of all ages, genders, origins and abilities, and even more importantly, if it's fun to use.

You don't have to be a gamer to participate in the study. The game is accessible to players of all levels.

Criteria to participate in this study:

  • You must be over 18 years of age and live in Canada
  • You must have a mobile phone or tablet (Android or iOS) on which you can install apps through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • You will be asked to play the game for 1 month, as many times as you want, and commit to a short survey afterwards for scientific data collection
  • You will be asked to review and sign a consent form explaining all the details of the experiment before downloading the game


  • This game does not replace mental health therapy, and no claims are made as to its effectiveness at this point
  • There is a limited number of spaces for the closed beta testing phase, so your name may be put on a waitlist