IBANA-Calc: Software to calculate the effect of sound insulation against aircraft noise

Overview of the application

IBANA-Calc was developed to calculate the effect of sound insulation against aircraft noise and to provide the user with indoor noise levels for different outdoor aircraft noises and building constructions. The software was developed as part of the Insulation Buildings Against Noise from Aircraft (IBANA) project, with financial support from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), Transport Canada, the Department of National Defence, and the Vancouver International Airport Authority.

IBANA-Calc includes a large database of sound transmission loss data of building façade elements as well as a database of aircraft noise spectra, both collected as part of the project. The software can be used as a convenient tool to aid in the calculation of the effect of various sound insulation designs. The software is not an expert system and as such the user must have some expertise in the area of noise control engineering.

To use IBANA-Calc, the user first specifies the type of outdoor aircraft noise from the noise source database and then chooses constructions for each part of the building façade from the program's transmission loss database. The combined sound insulation of the selected components is calculated and used to determine the expected indoor sound levels from the aircraft noise. The program provides the user with both graphical and audible output of the indoor sound levels for combinations of noise sources and façade elements chosen by the user. The program includes extensive databases of aircraft noise source and sound transmission loss data but also provides the user with the option of adding new types of aircraft noise and/or new sound insulation data.

Supporting documentation

The user manual for IBANA-Calc is available from the NRC Publication Archive.

The following NRC research reports contain additional information on the science behind the calculations in IBANA-Calc:


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Terms of use

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