Hygrothermal database of building materials (HygDbM)

HygDbM is part of the project "Codification of Material Properties for Building Adaptation to Climate Change". This project studied the hygrothermal properties of common building materials measured at conditions that cover the current and future projected Canadian climate conditions.

A total of 34 of the most commonly used building materials in Canada were tested for 5 hygrothermal properties, which are required for hygrothermal and energy modelling: thermal conductivity, moisture storage function, water absorption coefficient, water vapour permeability, and air permeability. The temperature range for testing was based on climate change projections for Canada provided by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC). The materials were divided into 5 categories, grouping materials with similar properties together to facilitate efficient testing:

  • Insulation with captive blowing agents
  • Other insulation materials
  • Lumber and engineered wood
  • Masonry and sheathing materials
  • Membranes and finishes

This website provides access to the material properties developed in this project.

HygDbM is developed and maintained by the National Research Council of Canada.

The licence agreement must be read and accepted before being able to use the application.

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