Green Kenue™: software tool for hydrologic modellers

Software tool highlights

Green Kenue™ is an advanced data preparation, analysis, and visualization tool for hydrologic modellers to assist them with surface hydrological modelling, forecasting and event simulation. A user-friendly, state-of-the-art interface integrates environmental databases and geospatial data with numerical models and simulation data. Green Kenue is free to download and is currently used by more than 4000 users in more than 40 countries.

Green Kenue provides complete pre- and post-processing for the WATFLOOD, Raven, UBC Watershed and HBV-EC hydrologic models. The models can be applied to simulate and forecast storm water runoffs, flooding, watershed flows and other hydrological surface events for design, emergency preparedness or other purposes. Unlike other GIS tools, Green Kenue adds a fourth dimension so that changes over 3D space and time can be easily viewed and analyzed. Lake level rises, climate change influence, flood inundation progression and recession, weather forecasts and hydrological predictions can all be represented and reported with fidelity using Green Kenue.

What we offer

Features of the software include:

  • Dynamic 1D, Polar, 2D, 3D and spherical views that enable rapid quality assessment of many data types including model simulation results
  • Views and data are fully geo-referenced and coordinated conversions between common projections are fully supported, providing a cost-effective alternative to many commercial GIS products
  • A range of tools for analysis of meteorological and hydrometric datasets and time series including historical analysis for water quantity indictors, model performance statistics, flow-duration curve (FDC) calculations, low-flow analysis (LFA) and consolidated frequency analysis (CFA).
  • A single point of entry for the Canadian hydrometric and climate datasets with a robust interface of Environment Canada's hydrometric station database (HYDAT) as well as the Canadian Daily Climate Database (CDCD)
  • Full support for the Canadian regional and global weather forecast data and the Canadian precipitation analysis (CaPA) product in both GRIB2 and FST formats

Working with Green Kenue can be automated through pyEnSim – an application programming interface (API) based on the python language. The pyEnSim API allows users to automate repetitive tasks or to integrate Green Kenue functionality into an operational system. The Green Kenue pyEnSim has been used to download and process weather forecast data, to generate model input data files, extract model output and calculate streamflow and performance statistics. Please contact NRC for details on how pyEnSim can help automate your operations.

Why Work With Us

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