Software and applications

The NRC develops software tools and applications to help researchers, industry and the general public accomplish various complex tasks. See the list below to learn about and get access to the tools.

Research Centre: Automotive and Surface Transportation
Blue Kenue Visualization
Research Centre: Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering
Blue Kenue™ is an advanced data preparation, analysis, and visualization tool for hydraulic modellers. It provides a state-of-the-art interface, integrating geospatial data with model input and results data.
Research Centre: Construction
Climate-RCI is a web application tool composed of 2 parts. The first part determines the climate severity and climatic loads for current and future projections for cities across Canada, while the second part determines the roof’s performance requirement.
Research Centre: Construction
Research Centre: Aerospace
This interactive map provides a graphical way for drone / unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pilots to select areas in which to fly.
Research Centre: Metrology
The NRC's electron gamma shower (EGS) software is a general-purpose software toolkit that can be applied to build Monte Carlo simulations of coupled electron-photon transport, for particle energies ranging from 1 keV to 10 GeV.
Research Centre: Construction
Energy-RCI is a web application for the thermal design of low-slope membrane roof assemblies.
Research Centre: Digital Technologies
ExaCTDemo is an information extraction system to find key information from scientific clinical trial publications and clinical trial registries.
Research Centre: Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering
Green Kenue™ is an advanced data preparation, analysis, and visualization tool for hydrologic modelers to assist them with surface hydrological modelling, forecasting and event simulation.
Research Centre: Construction
HygDbM is an output of the project “Codification of Material Properties for Building Adaptation to Climate Change”. This project studied the hygrothermal properties of common building materials measured at conditions that cover current and projected future Canadian climate.