Offshore engineering basin research facility

The offshore engineering basin in one of the most advanced indoor model ocean facilities in the world. Measuring 75 m x 32 m, the basin can produce multi-directional waves up to 1 m in height, representing extreme model sea-state conditions that occur only once in 10,000 years. The basin can also generate current and wind to simulate real-world marine conditions.

The basin is used to assess the performance, efficiency and safety of marine systems, evaluate concepts in a controlled environment and test models at a significantly large scale to obtain quality, true-to-life results. Scale models of technology concepts are either moored or self-propelled and their motions are recorded by onboard inertial sensors and optical tracking systems.

Our capabilities

Tests performed in this facility include:

  • seakeeping
  • manoeuvering
  • wave energy conversion
  • wave impact loads on ships or offshore structures
  • tow out, set down, and operation of offshore structures

The indoor model ocean is equipped with 10 sub-floor lanes of hydraulically controlled thrusters (1000 HP total) that generate surface currents of 0.04 – 0.75 m/s depending on water depth. Regular seas and long- and short-crested irregular seas up to 1 m in height are generated by 168 individually controlled and vertically adjustable wavemaker segments. Having wavemakers in an "L" configuration on two walls enables us to generate complex sea conditions that mimic real ocean environments, like multi-directional sea states. Wind generation is provided by an adjustable horizontal array of 12 analog controller fans.

The basin has a 256-channel capability with data rates of up to 100 kHz, 16-bit resolution. Large ship models up to 4.5 m in length can be accommodated as well as offshore structures up to 6 m in diameter. Our ability to vary the water depth allows us to examine shallow-water conditions in the range of 12 m or less. As well, the wavewaker's ability to vary the direction of wave propagation saves time, as moored and bottom-founded structures don't require rotation during testing periods.

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In working with industry to bridge the gap between innovation and commercialization, the NRC plays a critical role in de-risking and demonstrating technologies in order to support industry bringing them to market. Working with the NRC offers you the competitive advantage of world-class, customizable testing facilities combined with the broad knowledge and experience of our in-house research staff. The NRC capitalizes on our professional employees who have extensive experience in advanced engineering for complex water environments.

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