Nanotechnology, microscopy and fabrication expertise and facility offerings

Interested in taking your work in nanotechnology, microscopy and fabrication to the next level? Our Quantum and Nanotechnologies Research Centre offers both academic and industrial clients access to our world-class facilities and our expert team's experience.

Working with us will give your team unparalleled access to state-of-the-art equipment. Most of our equipment is available on a rental basis for your use, with the option of hiring our experts to provide testing and technical services. Our expertise lies in detection and automationdevelopmental and analytical microscopynanomaterial depositions and characterizationsand biomedical nanotechnologies.

Want to learn more? Contact us to see how we can help you achieve your goals by supporting your company and accelerating your research.

Available equipment

Microscopy and other

  • Kato Tech electrospinner
  • Field-emission electron microscope HF3300 (TEM)
  • Soft material transmission EM JEOL2200FS
  • Hitachi S-3000N VPSEM
  • Hitachi S-4800 FESEM
  • Electron microscope support facility (sample preparation)
  • Electron microscope computational lab
  • Zeiss NVision 40 crossbeam workstation (FIB)
  • Hitachi S-5500 SEM
  • Hitachi NB5000 FIB/SEM
  • Hitachi 9500 TEM
  • Leica ACE600
  • Hitachi HT7700 TEM
  • Atomic force microscope (AFM) multimode – Scanning probe microscope (SPM)
  • Atomic force microscope DI3100


  • Oxford Industries chlorine (Cl2) etcher
  • Oxford Instruments atomic layer deposition (ALD)
  • Tystar silicon wire reactor
  • Tystar carbon nanotube reactor
  • Tystar oxidation tube
  • JUV E-beam evaporator
  • Sono-tek
  • Base cleanroom (Basic access fee covers the equipment below)
    • BIDTECH SP-100 resist spinner
    • Bold Technologies HF wet bench
    • Dispatch LAD programmable oven
    • Filmetrics F50 spectral reflectance
    • Gaetner L115S ellipsometer
    • IDONUS VPE 150 6" vapour phase etcher
    • K&S wedge bonder
    • KLA P-10  profilometer – Thin film measurement tool
    • L-Edit mask design software
    • Loomis scribe and break tool
    • Lucas Labs Pro4 four-point probe
    • Nanonex Nil NX-2500
    • Neutronix – Quintel contact aligner
    • Olympus BX60MF microscope
    • Olympus Z-scope with image-capture software
    • Qualiflow thermal jetfirst 100 RTA
    • Rame – Hart model 400 goniometer
    • Reynolds Technologies 8' solvent wet bench
    • Semi-tool spin rinse drier
    • SpinBall XP combo – Semi-automatic coat/bake/develop
    • Tegal plasma etcher
    • Ultracision 680E semi-automatic
    • Weslan 6' acid bench
    • Westbond 7200 die bonder
    • Yield Engineering System (Y.E.S.)
    • Fume Hood – Lithography
    • Fume Hood – Wet etch
    • Reynolds Technologies wet deck – Photolithography

Organic and inorganic synthesis labs

  • DHR-3 rheometer (discovery hybrid rheometer)
  • ICP-OES (inductively coupled plasma – Optical emission spectrometer)
  • Gas chromatography / FID (GC/FID)
  • Gas chromatography / Mass spectrometer (GC/MS)
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer
  • Multi-angle light scattering BI-200SM
  • Circular dichroism spectropolarimeter
  • Malvern Zetasizer nano-ZS (DLS)
  • PTI QM40 fluorescence spectrophotometer
  • TA TGA Q50 (thermogravimetric analyzer)
  • Raman microscope
  • Infrared imaging system FTS 7000 (FTIR)
  • PE UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer (Lambda 1050)
  • Quarterly pump-flow cell autosampler
  • Malvern HT-GPC (high-temperature gel-permeation chromatography)
  • TA DSC Q2000 (modulated temperature differential scanning calorimeter)
  • UHPLC 1260 (ultra-high-pressure liquid chromatography)
  • High-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • High-pressure liquid chromatography / Mass spectrometer (HPLC/MS)
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

Surface characterization

  • Small-angle scattering instrument
  • Bruker D8 x-ray diffractometer

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