Microgrid testing and training facility

The National Research Council of Canada's microgrid test facility, located at the Vancouver Energy, Mining and Environment Research Centre, accommodates a wide range of pre-commercial power generation and storage technologies.

Our capabilities

Our experts can integrate your pre-commercial power generation and storage technologies into our versatile microgrid evaluation facility to operate them under a variety of real-world conditions. We conduct performance and characterization tests using our isolated or grid-connected microgrid as independent third-party technology experts.

Specific testing includes investigating the impacts of various renewable fuel blends, evaluating different power and energy configurations, simulating transient conditions and events and performing accelerated lifetime testing to optimize the reliability of the system and its components.

We can develop best-practice guidelines and provide analytical reports of short- or long-term test results to inform technology development programs or future deployments in industrial or remote locations. We can also support end-user training and orientation for new technologies to reduce site installation issues and improve reliability and operability.

Why work with us

Our unique facility incorporates the latest equipment to facilitate testing and R&D focused on optimizing integrated system operations. Our equipment includes two solar photovoltaic systems, battery energy storage, a variable speed diesel generator as well as a programmable inductive, capacitive and resistive load bank and fully integrated supervisory control and data acquisition systems.

Our researchers have expertise in microgrid design and operation, mechanical and electrical engineering, bioenergy technologies, hydrogen and fuel cell systems, pilot-scale commissioning, testing and evaluation, hazardous-classified areas, instrumentation and controls, emissions monitoring and more. We can also leverage the deep pool of NRC subject matter experts in almost any discipline, from electrochemistry for batteries, fuel cells and electrolyzers to high-voltage measurement and insulation analysis for electrical components.

Distributed energy resources

  • Two photovoltaic systems, approximately 10kW each
  • Variable speed diesel generator (80kW)
  • Inductive, capacitive and resistive programmable load bank (125kVA)
  • Battery energy storage system (100kW)

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Contact us

Will Skrivan, Program Technical Lead
Telephone: 604-221-3105
Email: Will.Skrivan@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca


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