Material emissions testing facilities

The National Research Council (NRC) offers Canadian industries the most comprehensive and customizable array of facilities in Canada for testing off-gassing of organic chemicals. Our facilities are designed to identify and measure the volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs) from liquid samples, small pieces of building materials, room-size assemblies, furnishings or complete office workstations. Typical testing is done on material and consumer products for commercial, institutional and residential buildings, but may also include aircraft cabin and mass transportation environments.

Our capabilities

At the NRC, we offer you a wide array of world-class facilities which meet Canadian and U.S. industry and regulatory standards (e.g., CAN/ULC-S774-03, ASTM and California 01350) and other international standards for the testing and measurement of organic compound emissions.

Our facilities include:

  • 8 50-L chamber systems for testing small scale samples of indoor materials or products for organic emissions
  • a 55 m3 room-size stainless steel test chamber for testing full-scale assemblies or sets of office furniture
  • a micro-scale chamber system for fast and cost-effective investigations into semi-volatile organic compound emissions
  • glass chambers for emission testing of reactive compounds like isocyanates
  • a 400 L chamber system for testing how local airflow conditions impact the emissions behaviour of VOCs
  • specialized equipment for rapid and cost-effective pre-screening of organic chemicals in solid and liquid materials.

Why work with us

Working with the NRC offers you the competitive advantage of world-class, customizable testing facilities combined with the broad knowledge and experience of our in-house research staff. Our test processes adhere to established North American guidelines and we are able to support a variety of materials testing requirements – from large-scale building materials to smaller office furnishings to small product specimens.

The NRC’s chemical emissions testing facility is your one-stop shop, delivering complete and reliable information needed in today's competitive market on content and off-gassing of organic chemicals from building and consumer products.

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