Laser processing and surface modification research facility

The NRC laser processing and surface modification facility is strategically located in the South Western Ontario manufacturing hub. It develops, demonstrates and implements advanced manufacturing technologies in the area of additive manufacturing as well as specialty coatings and microfabrication. Our facility is available to companies and other clients on a fee-for-services basis or for collaborative research and development projects.

New: Manufacturing and Automotive Innovation Hub for more collaborative projects.

Our capabilities

The NRC offers your company an excellent opportunity to develop high-value products and value-adding technologies and surface functionalities using unique and advanced manufacturing processes such as laser consolidation, laser cladding, high-precision (+/-1µm) multi-axis micromachining/texturing (cutting and laser ablation), laser polishing and specialty coatings.

Laser consolidation

Laser consolidation is a net shape-additive manufacturing technology that enables manufacturers to produce complex, functional components directly from CAD design. Applications include:

  • complex parts that are difficult or impossible to produce using conventional methods
  • functional metallic prototypes
  • small production runs of critical components
Laser cladding

Using the NRC's laser cladding technology, tool life can be economically enhanced by adding high performance materials exactly where they are needed. Tests have proven, for example, that a blow mould's lifespan can be increased by more than 600%. We can produce tools with:

  • extended service life
  • enhanced performance and functionality
  • reduced production cost and time
Surface engineering and microfabrication technologies

The following technologies can be used to decrease cost and production time, add value, enhance performance and functionalities, and increase life span, quality and accuracy of your products and processes:

  • high-precision, multi-axis hybrid micromachining including micromilling, fly cutting, single point cutting, drilling, texturing, structuring, grooving and patterning, laser micromachining, texturing and polishing
  • vacuum-based deposition and surface modification using magnetron sputtering, pulsed laser, electron beam, and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition systems
  • electrolytic and plasma electrolytic deposition using patented, scalable and low-cost technologies such as chemical and electrochemical conversion coating, acoustic immersion coating, and plasma electrolytic oxidation
Value-adding functionalities for advanced tooling and surface texturing
  • Dies, stamps, cavities and inserts with optical surface quality (as low as Ra/Sa 1 nm) and high accuracy (as low as +/-1μm)
  • Flexible tooling on thin metal foils (as low as 35μm) for enhanced hot embossing, injection molding and roll-to-roll fabrication
  • Topographic surface textures to enhance or add surface functionalities, such as wettability, friction, gloss, adhesion, ice formation, security and brand identification features
  • Surface quality and integrity control and improvement
Advanced applications for the deposition of specific coatings
  • Friction reduction, wear and corrosion resistance for automotive powertrains, transmission systems and body panels
  • Smart films for glass components to better control vehicle cabin temperature and improve fuel efficiency
  • Hard coatings to extend the life of tooling
  • Special electrical and magnetic insulation coatings to reduce size and cost of electric motor components

Why work with us

Capitalizing on decades of extensive research and development, NRC experts can provide your company with a competitive advantage through access to knowledge-based technologies, worldclass expertise, and state of the art facilities. Building on our past success, we are committed to work with you to enhance performance, improve fabrication processes, and add new product functionalities.

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