Hydrogen-safe laboratories

Is your organization interested in developing and testing hydrogen technologies, but lacking a controlled and safe environment to do so? Would you like to collaborate with experienced experts who can provide sound advice?

At the NRC's hydrogen-safe laboratories, we partner with industry and the scientific community to perform leading-edge R&D into fuel cells, electrolysis and other hydrogen technologies.


Our services

Our experts can help you test components, cell and stack performance and durability according to the latest standards and protocols. Our partners put their trust in our experts and facilities to guide their product development. Access our expertise, including:

  • electrochemical performance evaluation of cell and stack systems
  • material and component screening: electrolytes, membrane electrode assemblies (MEA), gas diffusion layer (GDL), gas diffusion electrodes (GDE) and bipolar plates (BPP)
  • material and component assembly and durability testing
  • protocols and tools for testing, conditioning and diagnostics
  • study of component degradation and analysis of failure modes
  • in-situ electrochemical characterization such as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
  • testing fuel gas for impurities or contamination
  • testing gas and liquid sensors
  • qualification of components suppliers for fuel cells industry
  • testing power ratings at the stack level for technology readiness levels 2 to 8
  • secure data management and analysis platform based on cloud PI-server


Our unique 240m2 facility is fuel-safe and code-compliant. Designed for testing with flammable gases, it can be used with up to 8 process gases. Our labs include fuel cell test stations for cell and short stack development, applications testing, proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell component screening and more.

  • Greenlight G60 and G100 PEM fuel cell test station (800W, 1300W)
  • 2 Arbin FCTS fuel cell test stations (500W)
  • Scribner 850C, 850E, and 890E compact fuel cell test systems (100W) for screening PEM fuel cell components
  • Greenlight E60 PEM electrolyser test station 2 kW (max 200A/10V) for cell development
  • 5 custom-built electrolyser test stations (360W and can be coupled to 720W and 1080W) for PEM electrolyser component screening

Image gallery

View of the hydrogen-safe labs

Fuel cell test station

Electrolysis test station

Contact us

Khalid Fatih, Team Leader, Materials for Clean Energy and Fuels
Telephone: 604-221-3071
Email: Khalid.Fatih@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca

Elena Di Francesco, ing., MBA, Business Development Director (acting)
Telephone: 514-496-5297
Email: elena.difrancesco@cnrc-nrc.gc.ca

Targeted industries

Small- and medium-sized enterprises in the clean energy sector; government departments interested in energy and the environment; universities, academic and international research organizations interested in hydrogen technologies.


  • Vancouver, British Columbia

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