Hydraulics laboratories research facilities

The NRC has been studying and developing solutions to water-related problems through the application of laboratory studies, numerical modelling, field investigations and engineering analysis for over 60 years. Today, the NRC operates one of the world's premier hydraulics laboratories dedicated to applied research and commercial studies related to civil engineering hydraulics, coastal science and engineering, port and harbour developments, and offshore energy projects.

Our capabilities

The laboratory is routinely used to verify the performance and optimise the design of specific projects, including:

  • marina, port and harbour developments
  • breakwaters, revetments, piers, quay walls and other coastal structures
  • beach stabilization and shore protection schemes
  • LNG terminals
  • offshore platforms for energy exploration and production
  • ocean energy devices
  • dams, spillways, bridge piers
  • pipelines, outfalls and intake structures

The NRC's world-class laboratory is complemented by a large number of sophisticated numerical modelling tools that are applied to investigate a wide array of issues, such as:

  • flows in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and waterways
  • tides, tidal flows and circulation in harbours and estuaries
  • water quality and pollutant fate
  • coastal and inland flooding
  • wave conditions in ports, harbours and coastal waters
  • ship wakes and bank erosion
  • coastal processes
  • sediment transport, siltation and scour
  • three-dimensional flows at complex structures