Heavy vehicle tilt research facilities

When fleet operators, designers and modifiers need to know the static rollover threshold of their tractor trailer, tanker, straight truck or military vehicle, they visit our Heavy vehicle tilt facilities.

The facilities can measure roll response characteristics for modeling and verification of centre of gravity height estimates, as well as help identify the root cause of any vehicle rollover incident.

Our capabilities

Consisting of a hydraulically actuated tilt table, electronic wheel scales for all axle groups and an extensive range of instruments that measure table angle, suspension angle and body angle, the Heavy vehicle tilt facilities are designed to measure the static rollover threshold and stability of any vehicle used in Canada, at any load level.

Vehicles up to 86.6 feet (26.4 metres) in length and weighing 65 tons (59,000 kg) can be tilted up to 35 degrees from the horizontal, under controlled conditions. First wheel liftoff as well as complete vehicle rollover can be determined, all without any damage to the vehicle and its suspension components.

In addition to rollover threshold, the tilt table can also be used to measure load transfer ratio, wheel and axle loads and suspension roll centre heights.

A second tilt table, located indoors, provides equivalent services for smaller vehicles (up to wheelbases of 24 feet (7.3 metres) in length), with high weight concentrations and unusual features. The indoor table tilts to nearly 50 degrees, is climate controlled and may be used all year.

Why work with us

The facilities can measure your vehicle parameters, and our facilities' staff offers full analysis of heavy vehicle dynamics and performance.

The facilities all add up to a cost-effective way to ensure maximum stability for large and small vehicles of every description.

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Medhat Hanna,
Team Leader, Testing & Evaluation
Telephone: 613-991-0935
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