Heavy structural dynamics lab research facility

For heavy road and rail vehicles, vibration and shock are a constant – and often costly – fact of life.

To study these dynamics and manage their effects, the NRC maintains one of North America's most versatile vehicle vibration testing facilities.

Our capabilities

Able to accurately reproduce vehicle responses measured in the field, the lab is an indispensable tool for controlled investigations and accelerated test programs of rail and road vehicles and components.

In the lab, a selection of hydraulic actuators can be configured to provide inputs to your vehicle, sub-system or component as required. Test plans can be created to address a wide variety of vibration and shock issues.

MTS Remote Parameter Control software generates precise reproductions of field-measured forces and displacements. Alternatively, the system can generate random, sinusoidal, step, sawtooth or other vibration patterns to sweep through problem areas and pinpoint issues.

Why work with us

Our test engineers have a long history in analyzing, modeling and reproducing shock and vibration. From system characterization and verification to problem analysis, we can provide you the solutions you are looking for.

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Contact us

Todd Garrett, Facility Manager, Dynamics Bay
Office: 613-990-6996
Email: Todd.Garrett@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca


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