The Flex Test House research facility

The Flex Test House offers the construction and energy industries a robust, multi-unit residential whole-house testing facility to evaluate the long-term performance of building technologies and validate technologies under real-life conditions.

Built in 1998 using R-2000 specifications, the Flex Test House is a unique research facility of the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology (CCHT) and is jointly managed by the National Research Council, Natural Resources Canada and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Our capabilities

The Flex Test House has 3 fully furnished units which can accommodate various research requirements of manufacturers, public utilities and housing technology companies wanting to test how their products perform over extended time periods in an environment that simulates occupancy.

Interior and exterior building components of the Flex Test House can be altered or replaced, allowing for a rigorous assessment of a system's long-term product performance in real-life conditions. The facility's roof can be used to evaluate innovative technologies to harvest solar energy and offers the unique opportunity to validate energy consumption and management technologies and strategies in a carefully controlled and monitored environment. Built-in automated scenarios simulate the energy consuming activities of a family of four, such as water use, temperature control, lighting, and household appliance usage. Schedule and frequency of simulated human activities can be easily modified to accommodate your testing requirements.

Please contact us if you wish to receive more information on the technical features and research opportunities of the Flex Test House.

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