Business fastlane

CPFC provides services on a fee-for-service basis or under formal development agreements tailored to meet a customer's specific needs. For new and emerging companies seeking to capitalize on their innovative ideas, utilizing CPFC's manufacturing facilities substantially reduces start-up and product development costs, technology and investment risk factors, and time to market. For larger more established companies, CPFC offers a cost effective way to manage valuable internal fabrication resources by providing fast turnaround of novel proof-of-concept designs.

CPFC strives for early involvement and openness, while respecting our customer's needs for confidentiality. The facility functions as either a primary or secondary source supplier for its customers, and if required, can work with customers to transfer our processes to large volume third party foundries.

By reducing cost, risk and time to market, the CPFC provides customers with a unique competitive edge in the global photonics market.

Academia fastlane

Through a strategic partnership with CMC Microsystems, CPFC provides foundry services for photonic devices and photonic integrated circuits, designed by researchers and graduate students at Canadian universities and colleges. If you are a university or a college researcher and would like to have your designs fabricated at the CPFC, please contact:

Ms. Jessica Zhang, Optoelectronics Design Engineer
Telephone: 613-745-4141